Internal Quality Audit (IQA) 2021

Continuous quality evaluation is the goal of Internal Quality Audit (IQA). IQA activities do not stop after the audit is complete, there is also a Corrective Action Request (CAR). After being followed up, there is still CAR verification. This is a series of IQA’s that have been compiled to meet various needs for an External Quality Assurance System (EQAS).

In 2021, IQA activities are focused on improving the findings in 2020. This is considering that there is still a lot of “homework” for some basic requirements, such as adequate human resources, tracer studies, and educational outcomes.

For this reason, this year the scope of IQA is adjusted to these needs, namely a follow-up to the findings of the previous year’s IQA and the 2021 management review report. Both scopes are evaluated by desk evaluation using the google form.

As preparation, each auditee is asked to provide the CAR follow-up and Management Review reports for the period July 2020 to July 2021.