National Accreditation

In terms of national accreditation, PS-PS in UB have all been accredited. Of the 179 study programs in UB, 100 of them have been accredited with a Superior rating and 32 study programs have been accredited A.

List of Program Studies in UB

One definition of quality tertiary institution is to set standards and be able to fulfill them. The standard in question is the SPMI Standard. In addition, universities are also required to meet external standards that are part of the External Quality Assurance System (SPME), namely recognition at the national and international levels.

Quality Assurance Scheme

So that Universitas Brawijaya (UB) quality assurance scheme combines the fulfillment of SPMI and SPME to achieve the desired quality.

The national level External Quality Assurance System (SPME) referred to by UB is the accreditation system by the National Accreditation Board for Higher Education (BAN-PT) and the Independent Accreditation Institute (LAM). Both are institutions that have the authority to assess the inputs, processes, outputs, and outcomes of tertiary institutions in Indonesia.

The mandatory nature of national accreditation makes UB must adjust all PT policies and management to meet the national accreditation requirements.

With the obligation of accreditation for programs of study and universities high, then the Center for Quality Assurance (PJM) a mandate to control the application of accreditation standards, thus qualifying courses and institutions is increasing.

To carry out the mandate, PJM has National Accreditation Division are in charge of monitoring, reviewing and technical assistance to fulfil accreditation criterias. National Accreditation Division has Programs and SOP to assisting on document preparation, simulation visitation and submission of accreditation documents.

Acrreditation Assistance Mechanism

The commitment of Universitas Brawijaya to improve PS accreditation qualifications is also manifested in UB’s Rector Regulation Number 84 Year 2017 concerning on funds for study programs.

Proporsi Jumlah PS di UB

In 2020, the number of study programs at Universitas Brawijaya was 177 PS active (all levels). The proportion of courses of study biggest exist at the level of scholars as much as 77 PS. Furthermore, the level of master as much as 42 PS, level of doctoral much as 23 PS, level specialists one as much as 18 ps, the level of the profession as much as 9 PS, and the level of diploma (D-3 and D-4) as much as 8 PS.

Proporsi Peringkat Akreditasi PS di UB

In terms of accreditation of national, PS-PS at UB almost entirely been accredited (94%), the rest are PS new (not even 2 years old) who was the submission of accreditation. Of 177 PS at UB these, 98 PS of which have been accredited (7 standards) with rank A. The rest, there are 64 PS accredited B and still there are 5 PS accredited C.


List of Study Programs