Trying to Fulfill the Excellent Accreditation Criteria, UB Consolidates to Improve Lecturer Qualifications

With the enactment of the Minister of Education and Culture Regulation (Permendikbud) No. 5 of 2020, further specified in National Accreditation Board for Higher Education (BAN-PT) Regulation No. 1 of 2020, universities in Indonesia are faced with adjusting the accreditation ranking of 7 standards (A, B, C) to 9 criterias ( Excellent, Very Good, Good).

The accreditation ranking adjustment uses the Conversion Supplement Instrument determined by BAN-PT for each level of study program. In Universitas Brawijaya (UB), there are requirements that require attention and consolidation to be able to meet the mandatory requirements and superior requirements, namely lecturer qualifications and lecturer-student ratio (RMD).

In UB, several faculties have study programs that face the obstacles of lecturer and RMD qualifications. This analysis and mapping of the RMD has been carried out by the Quality Assurance Center (QAC).

The results of the QAC analysis were presented in the “Socialization of the Mapping Ratio Analysis of Lecturers and Students in the Study Program of Universitas Brawijaya”, held on Wednesday (May 13, 2020). The event that was held virtually (online meeting) was opened by the Rector of UB (Prof. Nuhfil Hanani) and continued with a presentation by the Head of National Accreditation Division (Dr. Slamet Wahyudi) and continued with questions and answers guided by the Chairperson of IEDQA/LP3M (Ir. Achmad Wicaksono, M.Eng., Ph.D.). This socialization event was attended by 88 participants who were representatives of faculty leaders, departments and study programs, particularly in the field of social sciences humanities.

Furthermore, on Thursday-Friday (May 14-15, 2020), continued with the RMD Completion Consultation in each faculty with the presence of faculty leaders, departments and study programs. The consultation event was held at the Rectorate Building. The event was hosted by the Vice Rector for Academic Affairs (Prof. Aulanni’am), Chairperson of IEDQA/LP3M (Ir. Achmad Wicaksono, M.Eng., Ph.D.) , Chairperson of QAC (Dr. Shinta Hadiyantina) and Head of National Accreditation Division (Dr. Slamet Wahyudi).

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The results of these consultations, it was agreed that each faculty must restructure the lecturer of study program and make efforts to improve the RMD in each study program, as well as improve the lecturer and student database at the Higher Education Database (PDDIKTI). [SHT-YWES]