Dissemination of 2020 IQA Results

Internal Quality Audit (IQA) as a form of accountability for quality management in UB is a short and medium term effort to achieve the established quality standards.

The implementation of IQA in 2020 which was marked by various obstacles did not dampen the spirit of Quality Assurance Units and Auditees in undergoing processes until the results could be reported to UB Leaders. In addition, the auditee as the implementer of achieving quality standards also requires feedback on the results of the 2020 IQA.

The dissemination of IQA results in 2020 is intended to provide information about the compilation of IQA results in UB, so that it can provide an overview of the conditions for achieving quality standards in UB.

This dissemination was delivered to the auditee on Tuesday, March 30, 2021, attended by all faculties and the Quality Assurance Teams.