Hearing Scope of AIM 22 Year Cycle 2023 and Sharing Session GJM

Malang, 28 July 2023 – As an effort to improve the quality assurance program of Universitas Brawijaya in Faculties, Departments to Study Programs, the Quality Assurance Institute (LPM) held a routine Quality Assurance Group (GJM) meeting on Friday, 28 July 2023 located at Aria Gajayana Malang hotels. The event aims to accommodate the Quality Assurance Group (GJM) of all Faculties in conveying information and aspirations at the University level. On this occasion, the theme presented was Hearing Scope AIM Cycle 22 Year 2023 andSharing Session GJM, regarding the experiences and achievements of GJM (Faculty of Engineering and Faculty of Social and Political Sciences).

This meeting was attended by the Chairperson of LPM, Deputy for Organizational and Education Accreditation, Head of the AIM Center, Head of the SPMI Center, Chair of the National Accreditation Center, Chair of the GJM for all Faculties, Head of the Quality Assurance Unit (UJM) for all Departments, and the LPM Team. This activity will become a routine agenda held every month in the 3rd week by providing an opportunity for other GJM faculties to share experiences and discuss the obstacles and issues they face.

The event started with the opening and directions delivered by Dr. Shinta Hadiyantina, S.H., MH as Chair of LPM. In his direction, he emphasized that the purpose of this meeting was to discuss the AIM scope of instruments and various activities to be carried out to improve academic and non-academic quality within the University.

Dr. Shinta Hadiyantina also gave a briefing on the importance of cooperation and collaboration between all Faculties through GJM. He stressed that throughSharing Session as was held at this meeting, each Faculty will have the opportunity to discuss and share experiences with each other (best practices) in an effort to understand the current conditions in terms of the quality and quality of education.

 It is hoped that regular GJM meetings of this kind can become a productive platform for all members to strengthen coordination, increase understanding of the AIM process, and formulate a joint strategy to achieve better quality assurance goals at Universitas Brawijaya.

Dr. Shinta Hadiyantina, S.H., M.H also expressed her appreciation for the commitment and hard work of all GJM members in efforts to improve the quality of education at the University. He is sure that with good cooperation, synergy to maintain the quality of Brawijaya University getting better, it will be able to make strength in facing various challenges in the world of education

Furthermore, the Head of the Quality Internal Audit Center, Eko Setiawan, S.T., M.T., Ph.D delivered a presentation on “Hearing Scope of AIM Cycle 22 Year 2023 “. Materialhearing this aims to explore the suitability of the instrument with the needs of Faculties, Departments to Study Programs both in fulfilling accreditation requirements, fulfilling performance agreements, and other forms of performance.

After that, the session was heldpanel sharing and joint discussions involving Dr. Ir. Eng. Evi Nur Cahya, ST., MT as Head of GJM FT (Faculty of Engineering) and Nia Ashton Destrity, S.I.Kom, M.A. as Chairperson of GJM FISIP (Faculty of Social and Political Sciences). Both of them shared experiences, programs and achievements that have been made by GJM and the support of the Faculty in ensuring the quality of education has been going well.

In the spirit of continuous synergy, LPM and Brawijaya University will commit to holding regular meetings and other activities that can strengthen collaborative relationships. LPM’s great hope is that this collaboration can become an inspiring example for other educational institutions in an effort to create a quality and innovative education system.

With a solid step forward, LPM and Universitas Brawijaya are ready to face the future of education with the belief that improving academic quality and development is a valuable investment for future generations. CFK/LPM