Management Review

Quality Assurance Center always commit to be corrected in the processing and preventing unacceptable products. Therefore, management review was organized by considering all direct or indirect aspects related to the affectivity and efficiency of the management system. The result of the management review will be a reason to change the system, moreover, to re-organize the QAC UB .

Management review was performed in several steps. In general, management review processes are as follows :

  • Preparation of management review. Firstly, preparing the concept of the technical performing management review including time scheduling, data for management review and distribution of tasks. Then, QAC will give corrections and/or agreements to the concept of the technical performing management review.
  • Conducting management review. Data related to QAC program was collected by every divisions in QAC referred to the quality objective. The divisions will discuss their achievement of the quality objective. The discussion included obstacles, corrections, and new ideas generated during the executing the programs. Then, the results are presented to the QAC secretary as a management representative to be compiled and to be used for analyzing effectiveness and efficiency of the systems.
  • Management review report. The report of the compilation and analyzing effectiveness and efficiency of the system is formulated in the a formal written report which then disseminated to the members of QAC to be verified. The revised version is presented to the board of the UB to obtain comments and policy regarding the QAC organization.