UB’s participation in the Higher Education Executive Luncheon Meeting

Brawijaya University received an invitation on Thursday, 10 August 2023 for activitiesExecutive Luncheon Meeting Higher education organized by the Indonesian Quality Award Foundation (IQA) (Indonesian Quality Award Foundation) is located at the Century Park Hotel Jakarta. On this occasion, UB was represented by the Head of the National Accreditation Center, Dra. Sri Wardhani, M.Sc. and accompanied by the Staff of the Quality Assurance Agency, Tika Ratna Sari. The purpose of this activity is to serve as a forum for the introduction of the “Baldrige Excellence Framework” (Original) Version 2023-2024 – Education. Where, the Baldrige Excellence Framework-Education is one of the methods used to measure quality achievement in tertiary institutions.

Through the slogan that was carried out at this activity, namely ‘Building an Excellent System to Generate Excellent Performance and Global Competitiveness’, it is hoped that IQA can become a university solution in helping to assess quality whether it has exceeded standards at maximum performance. When the quality or quality of an institution can be maintained properly, then this illustrates that the business processes being carried out are also running well according to standards. RIN/LPM

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