NHI Bandung Tourism Polytechnic Benchmarking Visit at the Brawijaya University Quality Assurance Institute.

Tuesday, November 28 2023, the UB Quality Assurance Institute received a Benchmarking visit from the NHI Bandung Tourism Polytechnic team led by Mrs. Nenden Dianawati, MM.Par., CHE. as Secretary of PPM NHI Bandung Tourism Polytechnic. The visit was warmly welcomed by the Head of LPM UB Dr. Shinta Hadiyantina, S.H., M.H, accompanied by the secretariat team in the LPM meeting room.

NHI Bandung Poltekpar, which still has BLU Working Unit status, has 10 study programs with 3 majors. This institution has been conducting Internal Quality Audits (AMI) since 2013 and has now entered AMI Cycle 10. Mrs. Nenden Dianawati said that the aim and purpose of their visit was to find out about the implementation of quality assurance at Brawijaya University. It is hoped that the benchmarking carried out can strengthen knowledge and understanding at the internal level, making it easier to provide input to leaders.

Material related to strengthening internal quality was delivered directly by the Chair of LPM UB, Dr. Shinta Hadiyantina, S.H., M.H, who also expressed her openness to share experiences and knowledge with all educational institutions outside UB without exception. The sharing carried out by LPM UB has a very clear aim, namely to improve the quality of education and spread the spirit of Good University Governance (GUG), which is increasingly common among academics. Not only that, he also hopes that this discussion session will be able to pave the way for closer cooperation, where by sharing experience and knowledge the two institutions can support each other to create sustainable improvements.

The results of this meeting will also serve as a guide for other higher education institutions that wish to strengthen their Education Quality Assurance systems. The strategic and technical steps discussed will be a valuable reference in efforts to advance the quality of education throughout Indonesia.

At the end of the discussion, there was hope from the NHI Bandung Poltekpar team that the team from LPM UB in the future could work together and help as reviewers of their institution’s SPMI documents, so that they could find out deficiencies in the documents they had and provide suggestions for improvement. This request was welcomed by the Chairman of the LPM with the signing of a Joint Commitment. (NBL/LPM)