Internal Quality Audit for Academic Services 4 2009

4th cycle of AQIA 2009

4th cycle AQIA is an internal audit in academic. Nonconformities and results from previous audit which have already been corrected was verified at this cycle.

4th cycle AQIA was grouped into 2 groups: 1) faculty/program, the auditingwas held on July 9-10, 2009 and2) department/SP, the auditingwas held on July 15-17, 2009,

The auditors involvedwere existing auditors (certified auditors from 1st batchAQIA in 2007)and new auditors (certified auditors from AQIA on May 2007). Participation of the units on this cycle was 100% consisting 12 faculties/programs and 37 SPs. The scope of audit was the same as those in 2008 but this AQIA was focused on AQAS implementation. The audited items were organization, documentation, implementation of AQAS and corrective action of previous cycle of 3rd AQIA .

The major or minor nonconformities need to be corrected and followed up. Whereas observation/OB can be responded or not, depending on the unit situation.

The results from audit in 2008 and 2009 showed good progress of compliances of academic units at UB. These showed also increasing of AQAS understanding at units.

Overall, audit in organization, documentation, implementation of AQAS and corrective actions of findings from previous audit in 2008 showed the same level of compliances of faculty and department/SP. This results showed an integrative implementation of AQAS at faculty/program and department/SP. However,  there were some nonconformities found in some units or different perception between faculty and department.

The average score of academic unit in compliance with AQAS in 3rd AQIA, at Faculty/SP and Department/SP was higher than 70% meaning good (B) and Excellent (A). Those scores indicated thatAcademic unit managed well the implementation ofAQAS. The average score of academic unit in compliance with AQAS is presented in the figure below.

 Rerata-Kepatuhan-Fak-Prog-AIMA-4 2009

The average of compliances of Faculty/Program in 4th cycle 2009

 Rerata-Kepatuhan-Jur-PS-AIMA-4 2009

The average of compliances of Department/Study Program in 4th cycle AQIA 2009

The audit results showed that some units gave good progress in the implementation of AQAS and in the improving of quality standards including organization structure and documentation. Some other units did not have good progress because of unmanaged documentation of activities (management and database) and also lacking of data of corrective action of findings fromprevious cycle of auditing.

 Pengembangan-SPMA-Fak-Prog-AIMA-4 2009

Remarks of Implementation AQAS at Faculty/Program
 Pengambangan-SPMA-Jur-PS-AIMA-4 2009
Remarks of Implementation AQAS at Department/Study Program

Based on the results, the average score of AQAS implementation at academic units is above 80% (81,64% for Faculty/Program and 83,22% for Department and SP) which classified tograde A (excellent) (according to the Surat Keterangan No.3103/J10/LL/2008 regarding grading of score). Someunits have the score  less than 70% (C, sufficient).

The results of AQIA were used to determine the best performance of the department/SP in the event ofUB Annual Quality Award (UBAQA). This award was intended to speed up the improving of academic quality to be ready in the implementation of IQAS in 2010.