Internal Quality Audit for Academic Supporting Services 3 2011

3rd cycle IQA for ASSU 2011

IQA 3rd cycle for ASSU was held on September 27 till October 5, 2011 visiting the site of unit. The number of ASSU’s involved in this cycle was 17 units. The number of internal auditors were 12 auditors which most of them were from PJM.

Internal audit was performed after dissemination and workshop of ISO 9001:2008 and assisting in the preparation of system and documentation of IQAS to the ASSU’s. The audit scope of 3rd cycle IQA for ASSU are as follows:

1. Corrective action of findings from 2nd cycle IQA

2. IQAS implementation

The average of compliance of ASSU to the 3rd cycle of audit scope showed that most of units have already understood IQAS or QMS ISO 9001:2008. The percentage of conformity of ISO9001:2008 implementation was 90,35% (above the minimal standard of 80%). This is good results considering that audit results from 1st and 2nd cycles IQA showed the low score of implementation of QMS ISO9001:2008.

Tingkat Kesesuaian Implementasi SMM ISO 9001 AIM UKPPA 3

The level of conformity in QMS ISO9001:2008 implementation

Most of ASSU’s complied with the audit scopes. The compliance score was 89,53%. However, there were 4 ASSU’s having low score (below 80%) which are BAAK, UB Press, SPI and PPA.

Tingkat Kepatuhan UKPPA dalam Implementasi SMM ISO 9001 AIM UKPPA 3

The level of compliance in the implementation of QMS ISO 9001:2008

BAAK had busy schedules of audit and student enrollment in the same time, therefore, they did not have time to prepare all the audit documents needed. Currently, staff of SPI, UB Press and PPA have little understanding about QMS ISO 9001:2008.