Internal Quality Audit for Academic Supporting Services 4 2012

4th cycle IQA for ASSU 2013

IQA 4th cycle for Academic Supporting Service Unit (ASSU) was carried out on April 16 till May 4, 2013. The number of audited units involved were 16 units from 18 of existing units. The organization structure of UB was changed. The number of bureaus increased from 3 bureaus to 4 bureaus. Therefore, the new bureau of Student Administration has not been audited and neither has General Courses Unit. The number of internal auditors were 19 auditors consisting auditor from QAC and some staffs from other units.

IQA 4th cycle for ASSU was designed to prepare units to be ready for surveillance of ISO 9001:2008 conducted by Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance (LRQA) in May 2012 and to prepare the units to be ready for “Excellent Public Service” by KEMENPAN (Ministry of State for Administrative Reform). For those purposes, the audit scope at this cycle were :

  1. Corrective actions of nonconformities from previous IQA and from 2nd assessment of ISO 9001:2008 by LRQA,
  2. Implementation of ISO 9001:2008-based quality standard.
  3. Implementation of Excellent Public Service-based quality standard.

The reports from the auditors showed that most of nonconformities were occurred in the documentation system of ISO 9001:2008-based quality standard and Excellent Public Service-based quality standard. Most of units have inappropriate planning (clausal 5.4), e.g. unavailable time service standard as written in the Manual Procedure (MP), the implementation of work procedures was different from the MP or unavailable of MP for important process/service.

 Frekuensi temuan sesuai lingkup AIM UKPPA Siklus 4
The frequency of findings in 4th cycle IQA for ASSU

The statements written in the quality documents such as quality manual, quality policy, document controlling, record controlling and human resources development need to be harmonized. This results showed that implementation of IQAS at UB still need to be improved.

 Frekuensi temuan menurut persyaratan SMM ISO 9001 AIM UKPPA 4

Figure. The frequency of findings as in ISO 9001:2008 standards

From the frequency of findings, It shows the quality of IQAS implementation at ASSU. The percentage of compliance was used to rank the units in the implementation of IQAS

Penilaian UKPPA berdasarkan frekuensi temuan AIM UKPPA Siklus 4

Figure. The score of ASSU based on findings

If the audit results were linked to the 2nd Assessment of ISO 9001 by LRQA, there were some improvements needed:

  1. Document controlling (4.2.2) and record controlling (4.2.3). External documents used in the service process have not been registered and well controlled. Identification method, filing, maintaining, retention, and disposition of the records have not been established.
  2. Management Review (5.6). Management review has already established regularly but it has not meet the ISO 9001:2008 requirements. There were no proof of corrective actions of nonconformity findings from previous audit.
  3. Facilities (6.3). There were no guarantee that facilities were in good condition and no records of periodic checking/maintaining of equipments.
  4. Human Resources (6.2). There were unavailable of competency analysis of human resources which are needed to perform the tasks. Planning of development human resources for staff that have not meet the tasks should be prepared.
  5. Customer Satisfaction (8.2.1). Measurement and analysis of customer satisfaction methods as in ISO 9001:2008 standards need to be developed. Customer Satisfaction evaluation should be follow.