Internal Quality Audit for Academic Supporting Services 5 2012

5th cycle IQA for ASSU 2012

5th cycle of IQA for Academic Supporting Service Unit was carried out on October 15 till 19, 2013. The number of Internal Auditors involved was 19 auditors. The number of audited units was 24 units. Some of those units have been involved in IQA or ISO 9001 surveillance in previous surveillance (consider as established audited units) and the other were considered as new audited units.

The 5th cycle of IQA for Academic Supporting Service Unit was conducted for Unit that will be visiting of 2nd surveillance ISO 9001:2008 by Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance (LRQA) on December 2012. In addition, IQA for Academic Supporting Service Unit cycle 5th was also for other units to be ready for “Excellent Public Service” by KEMENPAN (Ministry of State for Administrative Reform).

For those regards, the scope of 5th cycle IQA for Academic Supporting Service Unit was consisted of 2 categories, for established audited units that is an unit involved in previous cycles of IQA or ISO 9001 surveillance and for new audited unit that has not been involved in previous auditing.

The scopes of internal audit for established audited unit are:

  1. Corrective actions of findings from IQA previous cycles were done by filling the clarification forms and follow up those findings. The list of the findings obtained from 4th cycle can be obtained at QAC secretariat.
  2. Corrective actions of the findings obtained from 1st surveillance ISO 9001:2008 by LRQA. Considering that the certification of ISO 9001:2008 at UB covered for academic service units and the Academic Supporting Service Unit, therefore, the findings are also hold for other units at UB. Every unit at UB should pay attention to the findings obtained from 1st surveillance of ISO9001:2008 by LRQA and also to the specific findings from their own units. Each unit should make clarification of those findings by filling the clarification forms.
  3. Implementation of quality management system ISO 9001:2008. The Quality Manual Documents (MM) and Manual Procedure (MP), mandatory documents or documents related to the service at every unit should be prepared.
  4. Implementation of excellent public services.

The scope of internal audit for new audited unit are as follows:

  1. Sufficient organization, including issued formal letter decree, organization chart, task and function, internal communication (e.g.: regular meeting, meeting minute).
  2.  Definite products and customers including type or product (service), customer, customer satisfaction measurement.
  3. Sufficient facilities, including: space room, clear separation rooms, and other facilities.
  4. The existence of documents including type of documents and records, managing document and records, web-based managing of document and records, plan activities, measuring, analyzing, follow up the results. All the activities are recorded and well documented.

Participation of Academic Supporting Service Units in 5th cycle IQA was 100% (24 units) as in existing organization structure. A total of 24 units, 17 units are established audited units and 7 units are new audited units.

It is necessary to harmonize the quality documents such as quality manual, quality policy, controlling document and developing human resources. The results showed that implementation of IQAS at UB need to be improved.

IQA results of established audited unit

The reports and score obtained from auditors were used to analyze the achievement of each unit. The results showed that corrective actions of findings from previous IQA auditing and from 1st surveillance ISO 9001:2008 by LRQA are the lowest score of 69%. This result showed that Academic Supporting Service Units have not pay attention and take actions to the findings.

 Rata-rata pemenuhan standar sesuai lingkup AIM UKPPA Siklus 5
Figure. Standard quality achievement in 5th cycle IQA for Academic Supporting Service Units

For Quality Management System ISO 9001:2008 achievement, the average score increased as compared to those of previous year. However, Clausal number 8 regarding monitoring, assessment, analyzing and follow up are still need to be improved.

Rata-rata pemenuhan persyaratan SMM ISO 9001

Figure. The achievement of QMS ISO 9001:2008 requirement.

For achievement of “Excellent Public Service” standards according to Ministry of State for Administrative Reform Act No. 7, 2010, the average score was 82,58% (minimum standard of “A” is 81,26%). It showed that every unit has already worked very hard to give good services to the stakeholders. However, the score for vision, missions, and motto have not achieved the minimal standards. Vision, missions and motto should well informed to the stakeholders. The unit staffs have not fully understand the good services. All these problems need to be solved by head of the unit in order to improve understanding of the unit function, type of services and formulate strategy to socialize vision, missions and motto to the stakeholders.

Rata-rata pemenuhan Standar Pelayanan Prima

Figure Achievement of Excellent Public Service Standard

From achievement of the scope of 5th cycle IQA for Academic Supporting Service Units, compliance of the units was 77,98%. This was below the minimal standard of 80%. It showed that every unit did not have same format of the preparation of system and performance evaluations. Some units do not have good system and organization. The university should help those units.

Nilai Kepatuhan Auditee Lama dalam AIM UKPPA Siklus 5

Figure Compliance of the Established Audited units in 5th cycle IQA for Academic Supporting Service Units

IQA results for New Audited units

From internal audit reports, the average of compliance of units is below minimal standard of 80%, with the lowest score on documentation system. This is the main problem in the new units, although most of staffs have already understood about IQAS. The existence of web hosting in the unit at UB should make a better documentation system

 Rata-rata pemenuhan standar sesuai lingkup AIM

Figure quality standard achievement of IQA

The average score of compliance is 62,80%. Some units have not comply the minimal standard compliance of 80%. For new audited units who have not comply the standard quality, assisting their program is necessary in order to help them to meet the QMS ISO 9001:2008 standard requirements.

Nilai Kepatuhan Auditee Baru dalam AIM UKPPA Siklus 5

Figure Compliance the new audited units on 5th cycle IQA for Academic Supporting Service Units