Internal Monev for CBF

UB has been managing CBF since 1999. This program gives good impacts to the unit received grant in UB performance, structure of funding, teaching-learning process, research and public services.

Some UB policies were adopted from CBF results including :

  1. Developing Quality Assurance System for UB autonomy.
  2. Integration of Good Practices CBF-I in order to improve Strategic Planning. (RENSTRA) of 2000-2005, 2006-2010 and 2011-2014, yearly Strategic Planning (RENSTRA) and Self Evaluation UB.
  3. Academic program improvement (GPA, TOEIC score, length of study, curriculum competence based, student centered learning, tracer study, etc.)
  4. Performance-based budget
  5. Improvement qualification of SP accreditation
  6. Strengthening the competitive research of UB

Internal monitoring and evaluation (Monevin) of CBF is an evaluation to the CBF implementation to ensure that the activity planned is carried-out. CBF Monevin uses Manual Prosedur (MP) Monevin CBF which was also used by the head of unit, PIC of the grantee, internal reviewer, competitive grant manager and QAC. Internal reviewers of CBF at UB consists of DPT reviewer and certified reviewer.

CBF Monevin at UB was performed in 2 periods; mid-year and end-year. The method used in CBF Monevin are :

  • Desk evaluation, is to obtain detail information of progress, obstacles and solutions from grantee based on the reports. Internal Reviewer should give judgments and comments on paper. Remarks and comments are sent to the grantee via QAC. A grantee submits 2 copy of reports. Desk evaluation is carried out on the mid of year and end of year.
  • Progress Report Presentation, on the scheduled time, grantee gives presentation to all grantees at UB. Reviewer comments obtained from desk evaluation can be further clarified in this discussion. This forum is also for disseminating good practices from grantee. The chair of faculty and university might be present to give suggestions.
  • Site visit, on the arranged time, site visit is carried-out to have more depth information about achievement, obstacles and impact of the program. Internal Reviewer and QAC involve in this activity. Discussion is also possible with faculty chairs, departments, PPIC, lecturers, and students. In this stage supporting documents are verified. .

CBF Monevin at UB is presented below.


Flowchart of CBF Monevin Process


Results of CBF Monevin can be downloaded below the link:

Results of CBF Monevin division