Results of Activity

CBF Monevin was well organized since the establishment of QAC in 2005 following a mandate  from university as a unit responsible in CBF Monevin.

In general, the existence of CBF in UB since 1999-2013 gave good impact to UB performance, especially for unit awarded CBF grant. The real impacts of CBF were increasing funding, teaching-learning, research, and public community services.

Moreover, some UB policies were adopted from CBF:

  1. Developing Quality Assurance System dalam rangka otonomi UB
  2. Integration of Good Practices CBF-I too improve Renstra 2000-2005 to be 2006-2010 and 2011-2014, Monitoring and evaluation of annual Renstra Self Evaluation of UB.
  3. Improving the academic program (e.g GPA, TOEIC score, length of study, curriculum based competency, student centered learning, tracer study, etc.)
  4. Performance based-budget
  5. Improving qualification of Study Program accreditation
  6. Strengthening research and innovative competitiveness

At present (2013), UB is managing three CBF from DGHE :

  1. CBF-I Theme B Batch 4, are awarded to 3 SP’s: SP Bachelor of Budidaya Perairan Aquaculture Faculty, SP Physic FMIPA dan SP Agricultural Engineering
  2. CBF-I Theme C Batch 4, are awarded to Lembaga Penelitian dan Pengabdian kepada Masyarakat (LPPM).
  3. CBF PKPD scheme A Batch 1, is awarded to Medical Faculty.

Considering that the improving of performance and disseminating good practice of CBF from DGHE to others, in 2013 UB created an independent CBF called CBF-UB adopting processes of selection, reporting, and Monevin like CBF DGHE.

In general, CBF implementation is good as indicated by indicator performance achieved However, there are some barriers especially cost. Commitment from rector is needed to support the CBF.

Overall, the program has already done on schedule. The progress was varied depending on the obstacles and group activity. Some obstacles occurred during the CBF are :

  1. Un-effective communication between the head of unit receiving fund leading to poor performance of the activity.
  2. The delayed funding was solved by self SP’s cash .

Based on internal reviewer evaluations, all the CBF managers have already achieved minimal score required (score 300). However, some SP’s do not manage well the program. The role of the heads is necessary to have good communication between them.

Perkembangan Nilai Hasil Monevin PHK Dikti di UB
Score progress of DGHE CBF Monevin at UB

In general, Monevin activities by QAC run smoothly. However, there are some nonconformities occurred. Some problems arise during Monevin Process are :

  1. the grantee submitted the yearly report and planning behind the schedule therefore Monevin process done by internal reviewer was also late.
  2. Some internal reviewer was not active causing difficulties in consolidation managing Monevin reports.

Moreover, to follow up the mid-year Monevin report 2011 and Monev from DGHE for CBF-I theme B and Theme C, on 17-18 October 2011, CBF Monevin team performance should be more detail therefore amendment in CBF monevin system is needed especially evaluation process in every unit receiving CBF.

In the end of 2011, CBF Monevin at UB adopted the checklist of activity Monevin and checklist of indicator achievement, physically achievement and spending the fund such as Monitoring Framework and a guideline of Evaluation CBF-I DGHE 2011. Monitoring reference framework and Yearly Evaluation CBF-I DGHE 2011. These checklists also helps internal reviewers to analyze the results and detail evaluation especially for some activities to be focused on. Based on checklist activity Monevin resulted the CBF performance at UB meet the regulations and norm values determined by DGHE.

Performance of Monevin at UB is acquired by DGHE, indicated by invitation from DGHE to UB to be a speaker in CBF monevin Training. Monevin system at UB is also become a model and benchmark targeting from some public universities (PTN) or private universities (PTS) in Indonesia.

Perolehan Dana PHK
Awarded fund from CBF

QAC also assists in preparation CBF proposal to increase the CBF proposal competitiveness.

 Daya Saing Proposal PHK

Competitive CBF Proposal

In 2008, UB is not allowed to make CBF proposal and in 2010 as well since the CBF was intended to be awarded to private universities.