Preparation of Postgraduate School Excellence in Facing Field Assessment and National Accreditation

On Friday, February 16, 2024, the Quality Assurance Agency (QAA) conducted mentoring activities (clinics) in the accreditation process of study programs with the aim of ensuring and improving the quality of higher education at Brawijaya University. This accreditation clinic focused on the preparation for the Field Assessment of the Environmental Science doctoral program (S3) at the Postgraduate School of Brawijaya University, to ensure optimal performance in facing the field assessment process conducted by the National Accreditation Agency for Higher Education (BAN-PT).

The clinic was attended by a number of Education Staff and Lecturers from the Postgraduate School of UB who were intensively involved in the preparation process for the upcoming field assessment. Also present were the Chair of the Quality Assurance Agency and the Deputy for Organization and Education Accreditation, who provided in-depth information and understanding of the field assessment process.
In this clinic, participants were provided with comprehensive understanding of the accreditation standards that must be met by the Postgraduate School. The Chair of the QAA provided guidance and practical tips on preparing important documents to be evaluated during the field process, such as Content Standards, Process Standards, Strategic Plans, and Internal Quality Assurance Systems.
This clinic also provided an opportunity for the QAA team to share experiences and best practices in facing the field assessment process. Active discussions and Q&A sessions between participants and the Chair of the QAA provided room for deeper understanding and solutions to challenges that may arise.
The existence of this national accreditation clinic for field assessment preparation is expected to have a long-term positive impact on the evaluated study programs and to make Brawijaya University an institution of higher education that excels and responds to the changing dynamics of the global environment. With structured mentoring and comprehensive information, it is hoped that the accreditation process will proceed smoothly and efficiently, thus achieving the best assessment ratings. The outcome of this accreditation clinic is an improvement in readiness and better understanding for the Postgraduate School in facing the field assessment process by BAN PT. Participants are expected to be able to implement the accreditation standards they have learned effectively into practice and policies within the Postgraduate School. Furthermore, it is hoped that the documents prepared for field assessment preparation will be of higher quality and in line with the standards set by BAN-PT.
As a result, it is expected that the Environmental Science Postgraduate School at Brawijaya University will receive high accreditation from BAN-PT, solidifying their position as an excellent Study Program capable of supporting the quality of higher education. The success in this accreditation process is also expected to strengthen the image and reputation of Brawijaya University as a whole, both nationally and internationally. CFK_LPM