Refreshing of Management Review Report Compilation

Following up on the results of the 2021 Internal Quality Audit (IQA), especially the scope of management review, Quality Assurance Center (QAC) coordinated by Dr. Agustina Shinta (Head of Center of IQAS) held an refreshing for the Compilation of Management Review Reports.

The activity which was held on Friday (4 March 2022) invited the Vice Rector of Academic Affairs, Vice Dean of Academic Affairs, Vice Dean of Student Affairs and Cooperation, Head of Faculty Quality Assurance Unit, Head of Department and Head of Study Program. This activity which was held online was attended by 273 participants.

This first batch activities aims to improve understanding of why we must compile a management review report in each unit, among other things, because management reviews are very important to be prepared as the basis for the need for system changes and continuous improvment in each unit in order to achieve the effectiveness and efficiency of the management system.

Participants of Refreshing Management Review Report Compilation

In addition to this purpose, management review is also indispensable in supporting the needs of an External Quality Assurance System (EQAS). In this case, the existence of a management review report is a requirement in the accreditation criteria.

This refreshing activity presented two speakers. The first speaker is Dr. Slamet Wahyudi (Deputy of Education Accreditation) who conveyed the understanding of management review and its principles. The second speaker is Dr. Nurul Muslihah (Head of Center of National Accreditation) who explained about the preparation of the management review report and its template.

There are two needs for the compilation of management review reports, namely for continuous quality improvement and fulfillment of accreditation requirements, then UB develops a typical management review report template, which combines the requirements of ISO 9001, ISO 21001 and accreditation criteria.

The results of this refresh are expected to assist unit leaders in compiling a management review report according to the template, so that it can be useful for improving the managerial-system and meeting accreditation requirements.