Universitas Brawijaya Quality Assurance Institute Team Receives a Visit (Benchmarking) from Sebelas Maret University (UNS)

Benchmarking dari Universitas Sebelas Maret (UNS)

Malang, 17 July 2023 – The Quality Assurance Institute (LPM) Team of Universitas Brawijaya (UB) received a visit from the Team of Quality Assurance Unit and Leaders of the Faculty of Teaching and Education (FKIP) Universitas Sebelas Maret (UNS), where LPM UB was represented by the Head of the Accreditation Center National Dr. Sri Wardhani, M.Sc., Head of the Internal Quality Assurance System Center (SPMI), Dr. Ir. Agustina Shinta Hartati Wahyuningtyas, M.P., Head of the Quality Internal Audit Center (AIM), Eko Setiawan S.T., M.T., M.Eng., Ph.D. and head of the Center for International Accreditation, Putu Mahardika Adi Saputra SE., M.Sc., MA ., Ph.D., together with the Secretariat of LPM Universitas Brawijaya.

During this visit led by Prof. Dr. Slamet Subiyantoro, M.Sc., as Deputy Dean of Academic, Research and Student Affairs of FKIP UNS, and accompanied by the Head of the Quality Assurance Unit of FKIP UNS, together with a team of seven people, arrived at Universitas Brawijaya to attend a discussion session that focused on good practice in, Efforts to improve the quality of education in LPM UB.

In the meeting session that took place between the delegations of the Quality Assurance Unit FKIP UNS and LPM UB, the two parties intensively discussed SPMI Strengthening. This discussion aims to study the strategic and technical steps implemented by LPM UB to implement Education Quality Assurance (PMP) and to implement relevant reforms in the UNS Quality Assurance Unit.

Prof. Dr. Slamet Subiyantoro, M.Sc., on his occasion expressed his high appreciation for the efforts of LPM UB in implementing PMP effectively and well. He stated that LPM UB has succeeded in building a solid system to ensure the quality of education at the University is maintained. He also expressed his hope to be able to learn from the successful experience of LPM UB and apply the best principles found in the SPMI in the UNS Quality Assurance Unit.

In an effort to improve the quality of education, Prof. Dr. Slamet Subiyantoro, M.Sc., underlined the importance of collaboration between higher education institutions and quality assurance institutions. In addition, in the discussion session, the UNS delegation also shared innovations and steps they had taken to improve the quality of education in their institution. Discussion participants exchanged information, experiences, and understandings regarding effective education quality assurance strategies.

Head of the National Accreditation Center Dra. Sri Wardhani, M.Si welcomed this collaboration and expressed her pride at the recognition from UNS regarding SPMI implemented in UB. He expressed his readiness to continue sharing experiences and knowledge with UNS in order to improve the quality of education at both universities. The discussion session that took place is expected to open opportunities for more collaboration by exchanging experiences and knowledge, so that continuous improvement and development of SPMI UNS is able to encourage better quality education.

After the discussion session focused on improving the quality of education between the UNS Quality Assurance Unit delegation and LPM UB, the two institutions confirmed their commitment to continue working together and achieving positive changes in the world of education in Indonesia. The main purpose of this visit is to emphasize the importance of collaboration and knowledge exchange between higher education institutions in an effort to improve the synergy of quality education in Indonesia as a whole as the key to success.

The two agencies will continue to coordinate and involve allstakeholder related to realizing the cooperation plan. Through close collaboration between UNS and LPM UB, it is hoped that there will be a significant transformation in improving the quality of education as well as having a positive impact on the condition of the University in the future. In addition, this collaboration can also be an example for other educational institutions in encouraging the spirit of progress in quality and competitive education.

With strong determination and clear commitment, UNS and LPM UB are ready to face the existing challenges and work together towards a better educational future. Through continuous cooperation, it is expected to continue to improve and produce graduates who are competent and ready to face global demands. It is also hoped that new innovations will be created that will provide positive benefits to society and have an impact on the development of tertiary institutions. CFK/LPM