UB Holds AQAS and ASIIN International Accreditation Progress Workshop for Study Programs with StatusConditional  

The 2021 cycle of UB’s international accreditation series has ended in May 2023, so all results have been obtained. As a form of UB’s follow-up and commitment to continuous improvement, Wednesday 30 August 2023 a workshop was held by the LPM International Accreditation Center with a joint discussion agenda to answer the findings on a university scale. Located in the Bromo Room, Aria Gajayana Hotel Malang, this workshop is aimed at Faculty, GJM and KPS leaders who are part ofTask Force in the implementation of AQAS and ASIIN international accreditation.

The workshop began with a report regarding UB’s international accreditation position by the Head of the Quality Assurance Institute, Dr. Shinta Hadiyantina, S.H., M.H. then continued with instructions by the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, Prof. Dr. Ir. Imam Santoso, MP. which emphasized that international accreditation can bring good changes in all aspects for universities. This is based on the point of view of fulfilling quality standards also based on an international scale, in order to support the achievement of world recognition. Institutional governance and budget support must be a top priority in this step.

Then the activity continued with a presentation delivered by the Chair of the International Accreditation Center, Putu Mahardika Adi Saputra, S.E., M.Si., M.A., Ph.D. regarding the records and progress of the results of international accreditation for clusters that have received the results “conditional“. The important point to emphasize is recommendations or input from assessors related to fulfilling requirements at university level. This activity also aims to bridge clusters in providing solutions to questions that require direct direction from university leaders.

A joint discussion is a session that is awaited by participants, so that questions from activity participants to answer or respond to assessors can be given direct direction. Apart from being a forum for providing mutual understanding, it is also a forum for dialogue with university leaders represented by WR for Academic Affairs and also LPM. It is hoped that this workshop can make it easier for international accreditation teams in clusters that have “conditional” in preparing response documents in accordance with the substance of the fulfillment points and the deadlines that are the limits. RIN