AIM Cycle 15 Visit for Quality Assurance Institutions

On January 26 2024, the Quality Assurance Institute (LPM) received a visit from the Internal Auditor in Internal Quality Audit Cycle 15, which is UB’s commitment to improving the service quality of the units under it. This visit was held to ensure that the internal processes carried out by LPM were of high quality standards and in accordance with applicable regulations.

This step is part of the routine internal monitoring process carried out by LPM to ensure operational efficiency and effectiveness. In this cycle, the LPM internal auditor team led by Dr. Dra. Endang Arisoesilani, MS. carry out a comprehensive evaluation of various aspects, starting from risk management to the effectiveness of the quality management system implemented. According to the Head of the Quality Assurance Institute, Dr. Shinta Hdiyantina, S.H., M.H, this visitation is an important momentum for LPM to continue to improve the quality of unit services within Brawijaya University. “We realize the importance of maintaining quality in every stage of our work process. Through this AIM visitation, we can identify potential discrepancies in our efforts to improve and strengthen the internal policies that we have implemented,” he said. This visitation process also involves collaboration between various work units within LPM to ensure that each part of the organization has met the established quality standards, including evaluation of implemented policies and procedures as well as implementation of corrective and preventive actions to improve operational efficiency and effectiveness.[masterslider id=”21″]

It is hoped that the results of the Cycle 15 Internal Quality Audit Visit will be the basis for the Quality Assurance Institution to continue to make improvements and upgrades in order to provide the best service to the community. Maintained internal quality will make LPM an institution that can be trusted in ensuring the quality standards of education and other public services externally. CFK-LPM