Computer Science Cluster AQAS International Accreditation Visitation

Welcoming Meeting

Since the beginning of 2022, UB has undergone four visits to AQAS international accreditation, which is an international accreditation institution for study programs based in Germany.

This fourth visit was conducted online for 5 days for the computer science cluster. Online Site Visit AQAS, which starts from August 22 to 26, 2022, conducts assessments for 6 study programs at the Faculty of Computer Science (FILKOM), namely:



  1. Bachelor Program of Information Technology Education
  2. Bachelor Program of Information Technology
  3. Bachelor Program of Informatics Engineering
  4. Bachelor Program of Information Systems
  5. Bachelor Program of Computer Engineering
  6. Magister Program of Computer Science

The visitation activity began with a welcoming meeting with university leaders consisting of the Chancellor, Vice Chancellor, Head of Institution, Director of the Directorate of Administration and Academic Services, Dean and Deputy Dean of FILKOM, Chairperson Department and Head of study programs at FILKOM.

The activity which was divided into several sessions involved stakeholders consisting of students, graduates, lecturers, and representatives of graduate users.

The visit which was guided by the AQAS PIC (Alexandre Wipf) involved 5 expert panels, consisting of representatives of computer science education practitioners, labor market representatives and student representatives. The AQAS assessors are:

  1. Dr. Zhen Dai (Hamburg University of Applied Sciences)
  2. Dr. Gabriele Kunau (Fachhochschule Dortmund University of Applied Sciences and Arts)
  3. Dr. Marco Platzner (Paderborn University)
  4. Barata Antariksa (labor market representative
  5. Jessica Ziegler (Hasso-Plattner-Institute/University of Potsdam, student representative)
Online Site Visit AQAS

In general, AQAS visitation assesses the suitability of the quality of input, process, output and outcome of higher education in the study program. The assessment is carried out based on AQAS criteria The results of the assessment for 5 days are made into conclusions which are delivered on the last day of the feedback session to UB.

The Internationalization of this study program is a university program and is also included in the strategic plan of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Research, and Technology. With the increasing number of accredited study programs at the international level, it will increase UB’s competitiveness, reputation and ranking at the world level.