Workshop on Preparing the 22nd Cycle 2023 AIM Implementation Report at University Level.

Monday, November 27 2023, at the Shalimar Hotel, activities were carried out to prepare reports on the results of the implementation of the Internal Quality Audit (AIM) which had been carried out in study programs, departments and faculties at Brawijaya University. This activity was attended by the Chair of the Quality Assurance Institute, the Secretary of the Quality Assurance Institute, the Chair of the Internal Quality Assurance System Center, the Chair of the AIM Center and the staff of the Quality Assurance Institute.

The results of the AIM recapitulation at the Faculty, Department and Study Program levels were discussed together led by Mr. Eko Setiawan, S.T., M.T., Ph.D. The discussion carried out regarding the AIM report by the internal auditor includes (1) the status of previous findings, (2) the results of the management review evaluation, (3) the results of the strategic plan evaluation, and (4) the achievements of additional performance indicators from the auditee. Some data that is still not met by the auditee is discussed at the root of the problem and becomes a record of the compliance of faculties, departments and study programs in the internal audit that has been carried out. The recapitulation created and presented in diagram form by LPM staff is subject to joint evaluation so that the data presented can be more communicative and easy to understand.

This workshop produces notes related to findings that have not been followed up by the auditee. This activity closes with the production of recommendations which will be submitted to the Chancellor of UB and the heads of related units so that evaluation and follow-up can be carried out until they are fulfilled in accordance with the targets or requirements that have been set. (NBL/LPM)