Public Services

In addition to developing IQAS in UB, QAC also received a mandate to develop the quality assurance human resources capacity, cooperation and quality services for other institutions, so QAC has a special field, namely the Public Services Division.

This field coordinates the development and improvement of human resource capacity and quality assurance institutions, or in other words requires an internal capacity improvement, in the form of training for quality assurance human resources.

On the other hand, QAC UB is committed in sharing the best practices of continuous quality improvement to other institutions in Indonesia, so that the Quality Services Division facilitates the need for benchmarking studies, IQAS training, provision of IQAS/EQAS presenters, provision of IQAS/EQAS technical assistance and “UB Berbagi”.

Included in the task of Quality Services Division is the development and improvement of the QAC website as a tools of communicative information with internal and external stakeholders.