Programs of QAC UB

A. Management Programs

  1. Weekly meeting
  2. Management Review
  3. Restructuring and Revitalization of QAC
  4. Customer Satisfaction Evaluation
  5. Recommendations for Improving UB’s Performance based on MR Compilation Report
  6. Performance Evaluation of External Service Providers

B. Division of Internal QAS

  1. Evaluating and Developing of IQAS UB
  2. Strengthening of IQAS of UB Kediri and Jakarta
  3. IQAS Development and Implementation in faculties and departments
  4. Training on Policy and Planning Documents for all leaders of working units

C. Division of Internal Audit

  1. Evaluation of the Internal Quality Audit System
  2. Planning of Internal Quality Audit Scope
  3. Internal Quality Audit for Faculty
  4. Internal Quality Audit for Department and Study Program
  5. Internal Quality Audit for Bureaus, Institutions, Units and Business Entities
  6. Satisfaction Evaluation for Implementation of Internal Quality Audit
  7. Dissemination of Internal Quality Audit Results
  8. Corrective Action Request (CAR)

D. Division of National Accreditation

  1. SIDEA Upgraded Trials, Finalization and Application
  2. Monitoring and Reporting on Accreditation Results Evaluation
  3. Training on Preparation of Accreditation Documents in 9 Criterias
  4. Assistance in Preparing, Monitoring and Evaluation, Simulation and Visitation Accreditation of Study Program
  5. Assistance in Uploading Accreditation Documents through SAPTO
  6. Problem Identification and Strategy for Improving Study Program Accreditation
  7. Assistance in Surveillance Accreditation
  8. Evaluation of the Satisfaction of the Implementation of Accreditation Assistance

E. Division of International Accreditation/Certification

  1. Coordination of Preparing the ASIIN Accreditation Document
  2. Assistance in Developing ASIIN Accreditation Document
  3. EduSquad (Engineering Education Support for Quality Advancements) Training
  4. Assistance in preparing IABEE Certification and Accreditation Documents
  5. AHPGS Accreditation Socialization – Accreditation Agency in Health and Social Sciences
  6. Socialization and assistance of ISO 17025 Laboratory Accreditation
  7. Evaluation of International Accreditation Assistance Satisfaction

F. Division of Quality Public Services

  1. UB Berbagi (Benchmarking, Internships, Providing IQAS Resource)
  2. Internal Quality Auditor Certification
  3. Website Updates
  4. Publication of QAC performance