Workshop on Determination of Quality Internal Audit Instruments

Workshop Penetapan Instrumen AIM

Malang, 24 July 2023 – The Shalimar Boutique Hotel Malang became the venue for the Workshop on Determining Quality Internal Audit Instruments (AIM) held by the Quality Assurance Institute (LPM) Universitas Brawijaya. This event aims to discuss the determination of the Internal Quality Audit (AIM) instrument to be implemented in Cycle 22 of 2023.

The workshop began with remarks, directions, and the official opening by Adharul Muttaqin, S.T., MT, who is LPM’s Deputy Rating. In his remarks, he gave directions regarding the urgency of establishing an Internal Quality Audit (AIM) instrument so that it is focused and integrated. The entire LPM team and the Directorate of Information Technology (DTI) Team of BrawijayaUniversity were present in this activity.

The discussion in the workshop covers two main things, namely:

  1. Discussion related to Information Systems Quality Assurance (SIQA) regarding the Establishment of Quality Internal Audit Instruments (AIM). In this case, Rizki Trisnadi, S.T, from the Sub-directorate of Data and Information Technology Services, Directorate of Information Technology explained that the development of Information Systems Quality Assurance (SIQA) required a lot of adjustments. Collaboration with the Performance Accountability Unit (SAK) of Universitas Brawijaya is needed to carry out this development. There is a question about the number of accreditation instruments in UB and which data source will be obtained. Thus, it is important to make a mapping of existing instruments and relevant data to ensure the suitability and quality of the information conveyed.
  1. Business Process SynchronizationQuality Assurance Information System (SIQA) regarding the Establishment of Quality Internal Audit Instruments (AIM). The SIQA business process in the context of establishing a quality internal audit instrument is also a concern. The goal is to ensure maximum alignment and performance in data delivery and processing. The target set is the completion of the system in early October, so that the whole process runs smoothly and on time.

 The Workshop on Determining Quality Internal Audit Instruments (AIM) is an important milestone in improving the quality of UB’s quality assurance process. By involving all related parties, implementation is expected SIQA and the establishment of quality internal audit instruments can be effective, transparent and accurate. LPM UB is committed to continuing to develop itself in order to achieve higher education quality standards and be able to compete at the national and international levels.

In order to achieve success in the development of SIQA and the determination of the Internal Quality Audit (AIM) instrument, this Workshop provides an opportunity for all participants to discuss, exchange ideas, and provide input. In a passionate and collaborative atmosphere, the Head Team of LPM UB and DTI UB Team discuss and coordinate with each other to achieve common goals.

 Adharul Muttaqin, S.T., M.T. as the LPM Deputy Rating, also reminded the importance of the synergy between LPM and DTI in carrying out their duties and responsibilities. This integration is the key in ensuring the quality of education and has a positive impact on the entire UB academic community.

 Rizki Trisnadi, S.T, said that the development of SIQA would require maximum effort and involvement from various parties. In addition, the use of information technology and data integration is an important aspect in achieving SIQA success. Therefore, significant changes to this system will be the main focus to ensure optimal end results.

 With the spirit of cooperation and commitment from all parties involved, it is hoped that the Workshop on Determining Quality Internal Audit Instruments (AIM) will be a significant first step in the transformation of Universitas Brawijaya into a superior and innovative educational institution. Through a solid and trusted SIQA, UB can continue to improve the quality of education and make a real contribution to the advancement of education in Indonesia. CFK/LPM