UB Participation in Higher Education Quality Assurance Seminar in Indonesia

Quality Assurance Seminars

Quality assurance is a benchmark in the sustainability of an organization, especially in educational organizations. Quality or quality has a role to maintain the comfort and satisfaction of users and the community in it. The important issue of higher education quality assurance, one of them, will continue to have a significant impact on people’s lives. Higher education is believed to have a major influence on the readiness of human resources in the world of work.

Quality assurance at a university/university is a structured activity in guaranteeing institutional quality on an ongoing and sustainable basis. The quality assurance element at Brawijaya University is divided into 3, namely the Internal Supervisory Unit (SPI), the Performance Accountability Unit (SAK), and the Quality Assurance Agency (LPM). The work functions of the three are of course different, one that focuses on the quality of education is LPM.


On Saturday, 22 July 2023, LPM UB was entrusted to be the second resource person at an international scale activity, namely the Quality Assurance Seminar “Quality Assurance of Higher Education in Indonesia” which is an activity as a result of collaboration between PERMITHA (Indonesian Student Association in Thailand) and the Indonesian Embassy in Thailand. The main informant, namely Mr. Ir. Achmad Wicaksono M.Eng., Ph.D., IPU. as the Education and Culture Attaché for the Indonesian Embassy in Thailand, who has also assisted UB’s quality assurance elements since 2010.

It is this pride that provides an opportunity for the Chairman of LPM, Dr. Shinta Hadiyantina, S.H., M.H to be able to convey UB’s Good Practices in running SPMI with the aim of maintaining education quality. Meanwhile, Mr. Ir. Achmad Wicaksono M.Eng., Ph.D., IPU. explained about the Introduction of the Higher Education Quality Assurance System. Participants are presented virtually through a zoom meeting, targeting Indonesian students and lecturers who are pursuing further studies in Thailand or in other countries who wish to join. The seminar was held for 3 hours, starting at 15.00 until 17.00. This activity was initiated with the aim of providing an understanding of the National Policy for the Higher Education Quality Assurance System and the Internal Quality Assurance System. The hope is that students or lecturers who have completed their further studies and will return to the world of higher education can understand better how to contribute in accordance with the latest policies. RIN